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    Set of 5 Gift Envelopes: White Flower Design

    Covered with flowers, and rich in color and detail, these elegant gift envelopes are perfect for cash, gift cards, or letters. The art is original, and inspired by royal gardens of days gone by. The muted antique gold on the inside adds a touch of luxury. These envelopes stand out from the usual, and will make your gift memorable. They come in a set of 5, and are ideal for festivals and special occasions like weddings, engagements and parties. 

    The size is 8 by 4 inches, or 20 by 10 cm. 

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    In rare cases, for remote locations, it may take upto 10 days.

    Shipping Cost anywhere in India:

    Rs 50 for 1 piece

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    Rs 80 for 3 pieces

    Rs 95 for 4 pieces

    Rs 100 for set of 5 pieces (package cost)