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    06-Jun-2017, The City Story: Glued to Paper Products.
    17-May-2017, FirstMomsClub.in: Misha featured in Mommy Rebooted by First Moms Club.
    01-Apr-2017, Cityshor.com: The Wonderland of Paper Craft.
    15-Mar-2017, LBB, Mumbai: Our Dreamy Arts & Crafts shop.
    13-Feb-2017, Engrave.in: Valentine's Day with Amit and Misha Gudibanda.
    01-Jan-2017, DNAINDIA.COM: Our calendars are featured in DNA's roundup.
    15-Dec-2016, LBB, Mumbai: Featured for Epic 2017 Calendars by LBB.
    07-Dec-2016, Huffington Post: Calendars as tiny gifts on Huffington Post.
    06-Dec-2016, LBB, Bangalore: Our Notebooks & Rickshaw featured as Secret Santa gifts.
    30-Nov-2016, BuzzFeed: BuzzFeed featured our cool calendars for 2017.
    04-Oct-2016, LBB, Bangalore: Once again featured on LBB for cool accessories for work.
    02-Jul-2016, LBB, Bangalore: Our Notebooks & Planners on LBB.
    15-Mar-2016, Your Story: Story on how Sky Goodies started.
    16-Feb-2016, Brown Paper Bag: Crease Van Noten.
    12-Jan-2016, thehauterfly.com: Our Typewriter Calendar was featured in Hauterfly's roundup of the quirkiest Calendars.
    11-Jan-2016, vogue.in: Our '3D Landscape Calendar', 'Be Good This Year' and 'Typewriter' Calendars are featured in Vogue. Woohoo!!
    11-Jan-2016, craftinggeek.me: Receiving love from Spain , Muchas Gracias!!
    09-Sep-2015, Creativeboom.com: Thank you, Team of Creative Boom for this amazing feature!
    24-Aug-2015, Engrave.in: Our DIY Autos makes it to this round-up of the best 'Autorickshaw inspired gifts'
    14-Aug-2015, Engrave.in: Engrave's fun review about our store and our makers!
    23-Jun-2015, thepurpleyellowbeetle.blolgspot.in: A little article about the story of Sky Goodies.
    26-Apr-2015, Coolmomtech.com: A big shout-out to the moms for the wondeful review on our DIY photoframes!
    04-Apr-2015, Polkacafe.com: Our typewriter calenders made it big at the Bangalore Comic Con!
    23-Feb-2015, Munni of All Trades: A sweet feature and a Giveaway.
    19-Jan-2015, Messy Nessy Chic: We are 'found' by the super cool Messy Nessy Chic of Paris!
    30-Dec-2014, BUZZFEED.com: Woohoo!! 2 of our calendars are featured on BuzzFeed!
    17-Dec-2014, PaperCrave.com: Our Typewriter Calendar makes it to the round-up of the best 2015 calendars.
    25-Nov-2014, The RMM Journal, Hong Kong: We were thrilled to be interviewed for the November issue!
    20-Nov-2014, anomisbysimona.com: Our Christmas Ornaments get featured by Swiss Graphic Designer, Simona Cellar.
    07-Nov-2014, ARTnLIGHT: Interviewed by the amazing Vineeta Nair, of Art-n-Light, with a Giveaway.
    25-Oct-2014, Cityshor.com: 25-October-2015, cityshor.com: Thank you, to the folks at Cityshor Pune for this lovely review!
    22-Oct-2014, KLIP.in: We are named VENDOR OF THE WEEK.
    08-Sep-2014, 'the Curated Magazine' , California: Found by 'the Curated Magazine' , a lovely California-based, indie, digital publication.
    13-Jun-2014, Kapil's Korner: Our mini-suitcase on Kapil's desk.
    04-Jun-2014, Mademoiselle Julie, le blog : They wrote nice things about us, in French.
    04-Jun-2014, MASALA CHAI: The definitive blog on South Asian Design features Sky Goodies!
    07-May-2014, myredpalette.com: Thanks for the lovely feature, Preeti Khicha!
    06-May-2014, Kidsstoppress.com: Thank you, Team of Kids Stop Press for this charming review on our DIY collection!
    23-Apr-2014, allaboutpapercutting.com: A short but fun review by the team of All about Paper cutting!
    16-Apr-2014, Twistofy.com: Thanks a ton Twistofy for this neat little article on Sky Goodies!
    22-Jan-2014, KlonBlog: The folks at KlonBlog did a lovely feature on us, in German!
    21-Jan-2014, Babble.com: Guys, our DIY Tpewriter Calender featured as the Best Calender of '14!
    21-Jan-2014, Trendhunter.com: Our 'DIY Antiquated Date Keepers' featured!